Crowd-Funding Platforms Astronomical Growth Year After Year.

In 2012 Funds raised via crowdfunding reached to upwards to $2.7 billion dollars. In 2013 it is estimated that over $5 Billion changed hands from investors to inventors, (As reported by Crowd Funding Statistics). This gives anyone a chance to possibly change their life.

The idea of raising money through crowd funding, so your company or idea can take the next step, is truly genius. Giving the public a chance to stand behind a new idea, product design, or bet on someones dreams. Waterhoop are one of these companies who just started a new Kickstarter campaign that ends on March 4, 2016. Kickstarter Waterhoop Link: Kickstarter Waterhoop Live Link for product fund raising.

According to David Ford, President of Waterhoop, states; “We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to showcase a new idea for a new water sprinkler design for garden lovers. In the last 40 years, new ideas and designs have been lackluster in the water sprinkler product design field…that is, until now. Kickstarter could be the key for us. That means we might just get the necessary equipment to speed up our production process, with the help of every day people…it’s just amazing.”

Not so long ago people thought the only way to break into the market on a shoestring budget, was to have Oprah Winfrey mention it on her highly rated tv show; Oprah. Move over Wall Street, move over Oprah, there is a new kid in town, and it’s called “Crowdfunding”.
Waterhoop ® new lawn and garden water sprinkler has a new Kickstarter campaign that runs until March 4th, 2016.
Waterhoop ® water sprinkler is new revolutionary water sprinkler design that can water trees, flowers, shrub and plants. Waterhoop ® water sprinkler can help conserve water and save time.

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