Tree Care in Winter


Winter Tree Care Best Practices

Should I Prune my Trees?YES!  Long-term management of pruning can ensure your trees continue to provide the aesthetic value and function they intended. Proper, conscientious pruning can enhance the beauty and function of your trees, while reducing the potential for loss of limbs or other failures during winter storms.

Why prune in winter?

When the leaves have dropped in the fall, it is easier for your arborist to see the structure of your trees. When summer annuals have been removed, there is less risk of disrupting your landscape when working on large trees. In regions where the soil freezes, equipment can often gain closer access, which can enhance our safety and reduce your costs. Winter Pruning can also avoid enhancing some serious disease that are active and spread easily during the growing seasons of spring and summer.

Should I mulch in winter?

Yes, you can. Mulching is an important enhancement for your trees. Mulch retains soil moisture, reduces summer soil temperatures, increases winter soil temperature and moisture restores and improves soil nutrient levels and structure.

Which other tree care activities can I do in winter?

Winter is a good time to consult a professionally trained arborist to inspect your trees. Winter foliage loss provides a clearer view for spotting some problems, such as weak branch attachments or insect damage, but an arborist can help you determine the best solutions for your trees. Consider the following:

  • Winter is a suitable time for putting cables on  your trees, if necessary.
  • If your trees have cables and braces in them.
  • Inspect your trees and shrubs for ice damage in winter.
  • Buy a Waterhoop water sprinkler for tree irrigation.

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