Drought killed over 66 Million Trees in California drought since 2010

Over 66 Million trees were killed in the California’s Sierra Nevada forest since 2010 have died in a six-county region of central and southern Sierra reported by the U.S. Forest Service.  This California drought is one of the worst we’ve seen yet.
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To curb off dangerous potential for wild fires the Forest Service says it has cut down 77,000 trees that pose the greatest risk to people, communities and campgrounds.

Water restrictions for the home owner in California has been a challenge.  It’s hard to keep their personal landscapes alive and well, when these things happen.  Many owners are using more localized watering solutions such as the Waterhoop ® tree sprinkler or a soaker hose for their trees, flowers, garden and shrubs.

California’s redwood trees dealing with illegal poachers.

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California forest managers are trying to stop poachers who use chainsaws targeting ancient redwood trees in national and state parks.  The poachers are cutting off small sections of knobby growths for their prized wood grains. (April 14th) Video provided by AP

 Video provided by AP